Women's Assorted Diabetic Socks

Our mixed pack of diabetic socks for women is great for those that like variety in their socks.  Featuring loose fitting tops to help improve circulation in your legs, these socks are sure to provide the comfort that you seek.  Available in crew and ankle styles.  Proudly made in USA.

Women's Assorted Diabetic Ankle Socks - White, Black, Brown, Tan - 12 Pairs
If you have diabetes, you know that a lot of health problems can come from foot complications. ..
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Women with diabetes know how important it is to take proper care of their feet. Maintaining good hygiene and checking the feet every day is one part of preventative management. Another way to take care of diabetic feet is to wear the right shoes and socks for diabetics. Diabetic socks for women do not look any different than any other socks. However, their functionality are many fold and exceed those of regular socks.  Women's diabetic socks are are a lot more comfortable and offers much better protection for the feet. It starts with the non-elastic tops of the socks that does not cut off blood flow to the legs. Moreover, the toe seams are carefully sewn together without being bulky.  In addition, a special mix of fibers allows moisture to be absorbed and quickly brought to the surface.  Lastly, the well formed heel and upper weave allows for a more precise fit that won't leave these bind free socks bunched up. Wearing the best rated diabetic socks for women can help improve leg and foot health.


Health Benefits of Wearing our Diabetic Women's Socks

  • Improved leg and foot circulation
  • Moisture control means drier feet and less chances of foot infection
  • Increased comfort from more sole cushioning  
  • Better fit and flat toe seams minimize blisters and abrasions
  • Foot injuries heal faster  


While women's socks for diabetics are made to treat diabetic foot complications, anyone can benefit from the more comfort and the less irritating nature of these bind free socks. In particular, exercise enthusiasts, those with poor leg circulation, and women in pregnancy can benefit the most.

Exercise Enthusiasts
Whether the physical activity is hiking, walking, running, basketball, football, tennis, or any other sport, people who exercise regularly use their feet much more than those that do not. An athlete's feet sustains more impact and wear to them. The extra padding on women's diabetic socks helps to absorb more shock. A shift in direction causes the feet to rub against socks and shoes. That means having smoother socks with non-prominent seams that create less friction is more crucial than ever. In addition, with increased physical activity more sweat is produced. Most athletic socks are made from cotton. Of course cotton has its benefits including strength, comfort, and absorbing moisture. However, 100% cotton socks are bad for athletes because they cannot keep feet dry. The foot produces a lot more sweat than any all cotton socks can possibly absorb. The key is to absorb moisture and bring it to the surface as quickly as possible for fast drying. They are woven with cotton and synthetic fibers that efficiently takes in moisture and wicks it to the surface. Whether it is crew or ankle socks, they keep your feet drier than normal socks and prevents odor causing bacteria. Having more comfort can be more advantageous and lead to better performance on the field.

People with Poor Blood Flow to the Legs
In addition to diabetic neuropathy, there are many conditions and lifestyle choices that cause decreased leg circulation. In fact, poor circulation can come from being overweight, having high blood pressure, smoking, thyroid problems, high cholesterol, and nerve issues to name a few. Not only is poor leg circulation uncomfortable, it is a real health concern. Symptoms of insufficient blood flow can include swollen feet and ankles, feeling of numbness, fatigue, and cold feet. In particular, foot numbness can be a big deal. Some people may have a foot injury and not even realize it. Through a loose tops, these socks can help improve these problems by enhancing blood flow to the legs and feet. They will also keep the feet warm. Another benefit of better circulation is quicker recovery when foot injuries do occur. While wearing diabetic hosiery alone will not completely fix these issues, it will alleviate the symptoms.


Women in Pregnancy
Giving birth to a child is a momentous event for couples. It is the pregnancy that leads up to it that can give expecting mothers pause. There is a lot of trauma to the body that women have to be prepared for. One such concern is the extra weight that expecting mothers have to carry.  While this is natural, it often leads to uncomfortable swollen feet and ankles. It is important for expecting moms experiencing swollen legs to pay more attention to their feet. While it may be the last thing that women probably think of, wearing the right socks can be really helpful. Our women's socks is a good choice for swollen ankles. The non-restricting cuffs at the top allows for maximum circulation for women in pregnancy. Flat toe seams also ensures less irritation and discomfort. Extra padding on the soles will soften each step for achy and sensitive feet.

Women's socks for diabetics were created for diabetics but they are great for anyone that seeks more comfort from their socks. We offer a large variety of styles and choose from an assortment of colors to match any occasion.

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Based on 3 reviews.
Women's Assorted Diabetic Ankle Socks - White, Black, Brown, Tan - 12 Pairs
These were a present to a friend who has nerve damage on her feet. She's likes them very much, no more issues with socks cutting off blood flow
Based on 3 reviews.
Women's Assorted Diabetic Ankle Socks - White, Black, Brown, Tan - 12 Pairs
Socks are soft and pretty easy wear over swollen feet. Price was good and shipped fast.
Based on 3 reviews.
Women's Assorted Diabetic Ankle Socks - White, Black, Brown, Tan - 12 Pairs
I finally found comfortable, well-made socks at a reasonable price. These ones are better and cheaper than walmart diabetic socks
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