Men's White Diabetic Ankle Socks - 12 Pairs

Men's White Diabetic Ankle Socks - 12 Pairs
Men's White Diabetic Ankle Socks - 12 Pairs Men's White Diabetic Ankle Socks - 12 Pairs Men's White Diabetic Ankle Socks - 12 Pairs Men's White Diabetic Ankle Socks - 12 Pairs
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sharon mills


are these "one size fits all"



Hi Sharon,

They fit men's shoe size 8 to 12.




I am interested in this item, but am not able to determine from the picture the weave of the ankle part of the sock. Is this a diabetic sock where the ankle part is loosely woven in order to allow the extra room or is it a regular sock (as can be purchased at big box stores) but with a larger diameter around the ankle? Thanks.



Hi Tina,

These are diabetic socks with loose tops.




I have bought several dozen of what is call "Diabetic Socks". I even bought socks from the renown Dr. Scholl's. They are tight at the top and for the most part appear to be low quality made outside this country. Is there a rule or guide how to buy socks so they don't effect blood flow? For example, if the top of the sock will fit x amount of inches at the top of the sock, these socks are perfect for you. Are they also a good quality product or am I hoping for too much out of a pair of socks? Just for your information my legs are not large but I still have this problem. Many Thanks. Team


Hi Jim,

Sorry for your frustrations. We can't speak for the other sock manufacturers, but we believe that we offer high quality diabetic socks. All of our products are made in the USA. Yes, it costs more but quality comes first for us. Our socks are made mostly with cotton and some nylon. We find this blend offers a good balance between keeping your feet comfortable and dry while maintaining its durability. The sock tops are non-binding as they should be for diabetic socks. Although there are no hard fast rules for finding perfect fitting tops. Our large diabetic socks do offer a looser fitting top than our regular sized ones. Another important consideration is to follow the washing instructions. Anything made of cotton will have some shrinking if they are put in the dryer with high heat. So after a wash, it is best to either hang dry or tumble dry low. Hope that helps and thank you for your inquiry.



I'm looking for the original Dr. Scholls diabetic socks. The ones BEFORE they were " new & improved". Are these the ones????


Hi Michelle,

We don't sell Dr. Scholl's diabetic socks, but I know what you are talking about. The newer Dr. Scholl's socks for diabetics are made mostly from nylon which can lead to sweaty feet and bacteria. The old ones are made mostly of cotton for a more breathable foot. Our diabetic socks are similiar to the old ones that you are looking for. It is made from 80% cotton and 20% nylon. We found that this is the right balance for durability, comfort, and keeping your feet dry. Also, just like the old Dr. Scholls socks, ours come with non-binding sock tops that help improve leg circulation.

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Diabetic ankle socks for men are made to promote healthy legs and feet, especially those that have foot complications from diabetes.  Our socks provide relief by promoting circulation with loose sock tops that span 11 inches wide, soft cotton and nylon fiber content to wick away moisture, and sole cushioning for extra comfort and protection.  Each order includes 12 pairs of white diabetic socks for men.  Made in the USA.

Product Features:

  • Loose sock tops that increase blood flow to your legs and feet
  • 80% cotton / 20% nylon blend to minimize moisture
  • Extra cushioning for added comfort and support

Care Instructions:

Warm Machine Wash, Tumble Dry Low, Do Not Bleach

Gender Men
Size 10-13
Material 80% Cotton 20% Nylon
Color White

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