Sale Men's Large White Diabetic Knee Socks - 12 Pairs
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( Phyllis Rebstock , 20/06/2019 ) Q:

do the over the calf size come a little smaller ?

( Edward ) A:

Hi Phyllis,

Yes, the men's diabetic knee socks also come in size 10-13

and women's in size 9-11


( Michael Ray, 23/05/2019 ) Q:

Are these socks thick? Thanks!

( edward ) A:

Hi Michael,

They medium thickness.

( Harry Potter, 29/12/2018 ) Q:

Do you carry a size 10 in your large white diabetic socks #SPC130TCWHI in Grey also? Thanks,V.Zamboli (These would be a birthday gift) Thanks for your help!

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Our large diabetic knee socks are designed for people with diabetes, edema, neuropathy, or deep vein thrombosis who like their socks a lot longer in length, right below the knees.  These large socks offer more comfort, friction reduction, moisture absorption, and improved circulation in your legs compared to traditional socks.  The 11 inch of stretch at the top helps to promote blood flow by not restricting your legs.  Our socks also has extra padding on the sole to provide added comfort as well. The material of the socks consist of 80% cotton and 20% nylon, which aids in wicking away sweat and maintaining a breathable sock. Each order includes 12 pairs of white diabetic knee socks for men.

Product Features:

  1. Non-constricting tops that improves blood flow to the legs
  2. Blend of 80% cotton and 20% nylon to help keep feet dry and comfortable
  3. Extra sole padding to protect feet

Care Instructions:

Warm Machine Wash, Tumble Dry Low, Do Not Bleach

Gender Men
Size 13-15
Material 80% Cotton 20% Nylon
Color White

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