Men's Black Diabetic Crew Socks - 12 Pairs

Men's Black Diabetic Crew Socks - 12 Pairs
Men's Black Diabetic Crew Socks - 12 Pairs Men's Black Diabetic Crew Socks - 12 Pairs Men's Black Diabetic Crew Socks - 12 Pairs Men's Black Diabetic Crew Socks - 12 Pairs
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Tom Curry


What colors do you have in this style sock?



Thanks for your inquiry.

We have crew socks in black, white, gray, navy blue, brown, and tan.




should I order the xtra large socks to allow for shrinkage so that the socks will fit properly because my brother's caretaker dries all his clothes in a hot drier?



Yes, this would be a good idea.

Cathy Roy


Do you have diabetic socks for men in beige?



Hi Cathy,

The closest color to beige that we have is tan, which is khaki color.


Marcia Leitermann


Would these socks fit a heavy person that weighs around 400 pounds?



I can't say for sure. It really depends on the size of their calves.



what is the unstretched measurement at the top of the sock. thanks gene



3 inches across

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Diabetics often suffer from poor circulation, swollen ankles and legs, and sensitive feet. Each pair of socks are made with comfort in mind. Our men's black diabetic socks are extra comfortable and ideal for diabetics. Socks that are too tight can cause circulation problems. Ones that are too loose will bunch up and causes wrinkles that will easily lead to blisters. Nothing is more important than having a proper fit. Our diabetic black socks provide the just the right amount of support without being tight. With extra elasticity to stretch wide, our loose sock tops help to alleviate problems with swelling by improving circulation in your feet, ankles, and legs.  Our mens diabetic socks are made of 80% cotton and 20% nylon.  This combination of materials is great for absorbing moisture and wicking it to the surface for quick drying. The smooth fibers are also great for protecting your feet from abrasions. This product is versatile enough to wear as diabetic dress socks.  Each order includes 12 pairs of black diabetic crew socks for men. Made in the USA.


Size and Length:

  • These socks fit men's shoe size 8 to 12
  • Crew length wears half way between the knee and ankles.


Detailed Features:

  • Loose fitting tops are designed to maximize leg circulation by not restricting blood flow. Unlike traditional socks, the no bind tops stretch out wider and does not leave deep indentation marks. They are easy to put on and fit comfortably over swollen ankles and feet.
  • Knit mesh allows for air to flow freely to the legs, which reduces sweating. This area located between the tops and ankles area gives support so that the socks do not slide down to the ankles. Besides being sag resistant, the mesh also provides for a close fit to prevent bunching and wrinkles, which causes blisters and abrasions.
  • Moisture wicking fibers keeps feet drier. Constant wet feet is the culprit for odor causing bacteria to form. We use a soft 80% cotton / 20% nylon combination to help keep feet dry and comfortable. Cotton is a natural fiber that is strong and absorbs moisture. Nylon is a synthetic material that pulls moisture to the surface. Using a blend of the two fibers helps socks to get rid of moisture much faster.  
  • Fully cushioned foot gives additional protection and offers more comfort. Worn together with shoes that have good cushioning, much of the impact on the feet from walking or running will be lessened. Yet, our socks will not add extra bulk so there is no need to get a bigger shoe size. 
  • Smooth toe seams reduce friction and pressure on toes. Unlike regular socks that have prominent seams, our socks are sewn together with flat seams to prevent irritation or added pressure on the toes. 
  • Soft protective terry loops on the inside of the socks provide extra comfort and feels smooth against the skin.


Care Instructions:

To provide the best care for your men's diabetic socks, use a gentle detergent. Machine wash cold or warm. It is best to air dry the socks or use the dryer on tumble dry low setting. Avoid dry cleaning or ironing.

Gender Men
Size 10-13
Material 80% Cotton 20% Nylon
Color Black

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