Kid's Diabetic Socks

Kid's diabetic socks are physician recommended hosiery that improves circulation in the legs by not constricting the area at the top of the socks. These socks are extra comfortable and offer extra protection from injuries. They are available in size 6-8 and crew style that comes up above the ankles and below the knee. For a bigger size, try the mens socks. Choose between black or white color. Each order includes 12 pairs of diabetic crew socks.

Kids White Diabetic Crew Socks - 12 Pairs
Our children's diabetic socks are a lot more gentle on the feet than regular socks. They help to pro..
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The feet is one of the most common targets of diabetes. Proper foot care is essential. We offer high quality socks for children that help to safeguard the feet, improve blood flow, and increase comfort. Our hosiery have unique features that help achieve healthier foot health and to prevent foot problems.

  1. Wide tops - Loose fitting sock cuffs provide the extra stretch needed to prevent leg constriction. You know those annoying indentation marks from regular socks? Our socks do not do that. They help promote proper blood flow throughout the legs. At the same time, socks stay up on the legs.
  2. Flat non-prominent seams - We all know that the area around the toes is one of the most common places for sores to develop. That is why we have taken extra care to knit seams that are flat to avoid unnecessary rubbing. This means less irritation and more comfort.
  3. Moisture drying material - Diabetic feet and bacteria is a bad combination. Keep the feet as dry as possible is imperative. We combine a breathable design with fibers that wick away sweat to keep moistures levels low.
  4. Cushioned bottoms - Any sock should protect the feet and offer support. These ones just offers more protection than normal socks.
  5. Terrycloth inner sock is fabric with loops on the inside that absorbs sweat and less abrasive. It is another step we take to ensure that the skin on the feet is treated as gently as possible.

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Kids White Diabetic Crew Socks - 12 Pairs
It's great that this company offers a smaller size than the standard women's 9-11. My feet are too small for that. The socks are really comfortable, almost like wearing nothing. The relaxed tops doesn't leave any marks, but stays up on my legs. Well done!
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