Wearing Socks the Right Way

polka-dot-socksMany people continue to spoil their nice looking outfits with an unflattering pair of socks. There may not be many guidelines to follow when it comes to which type of socks to wear, but there are still a few that are important if you want to look fashionable.  Some socks should only be worn on specific occasions, while some colors should only be worn with particular outfits. Review the sock rules below and correct any bad style habits before making any more fashion mistakes.

For Physical Activities Wear White Athletic Socks
white-socksIt is a common practice for men to wear white socks outside of sporting activities, making this the most violated rule of fashion. Unfortunately, the other day I witnessed a man who was carefully groomed in a good quality black suit and black dress shoes, but two inches of white socks were obvious poking out of his shoes when he sat down and this spoiled his image completely.

White socks are ideal for working out at the gym, participating in outdoor sports or going for a run or jog. In fact, they actually look better than black socks in this case. However, outside of activities where you will be perspiring excessively, white socks are not recommended. Even with jeans, you should opt for darker socks like black or navy diabetic socks. Compartmentalize your sock drawer by separating white socks and placing them closer to your sports clothing, and far away from your more dressy wardrobe.

Dress Socks for Formal Wear
At no time should you wear athletic socks with your dress shoes, not even if they are black. The reason behind this rule is that athletic socks are definitely bulkier than dress socks, and tend to bunch out over dress shoes and because they are usually made of heavier material. Additionally, the ribbed texture of some athletic socks, look cheap in contrast to your high-quality dress shoes. So as a rule, wear dress socks only with dress shoes. Slipping them into your shoes will be much easier because of the thinner material, so any attention that may be centered on your foot area, will be focused on your stylish shoes and not your socks.

Never Wear Socks with Shorts
white-no-show-socksAnother common mistake is wearing crew or knee socks with shorts. This just looks bad. Also, since socks usually covers half the length of our legs, it creates the illusion that we are shorter than they really are. This is especially true for short or stocky people. The best solution is to wear no show socks so that you will have the comfort and sweat absorbing abilities of socks but not show it.

Match Your Socks With Your Pants, Not Your Shoes
When you are wearing dress or casual pants, not including jeans, the color of your socks should be determined by the color of your pants, as opposed to the shade of your shoes. A pair of black socks should be worn with your black shoes, as is the case with brown shoes and brown socks. The same rule applies to gray and blue pants, with care exercised in your selection for pants of other hues. If you are unsure, then opt for a darker color. The reason why it is important to match your socks with your pants, is that should you take off your shoes or your socks become exposed, as a result of sitting down, then your outfit will appear seamless if the socks are coordinated with the pants. If your socks do not match your pants, the fluidity of your ensemble will be negatively affected, when it would otherwise have been considered awesome.

Keep Your Rotation of Socks New
Socks are an after thought for most people.  However, most are surprised by how often other people actually see their socks.  Whether it’s at the gym, Japanese restaurant, or someone’s house, it can be embarrassing to let others see worn socks or ones with holes in them.  Socks go through a lot to help you prevent foot pain every day, but they are also cheap and there’s no reason to keep them for years.  Old ones with fading colors can be difficult to match your clothes.  Try to replenish them every six months.  For women, read about how to pick out women’s socks. Get different color ones.  Try different patterns including stripes, polka dot, herringbone, argyle, and skull.


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  1. Thanks for the great tips on wearing socks. It always bothered me when I wore white socks with pants. I just didn’t know that this is just bad fashion.

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