The Importance of Using a Diabetes ID Bracelet

diabetic-id-braceletTo live with diabetes will generally require taking some precautions in order to control your body’s blood sugar (glucose) levels, and to avoid the complications such as peripheral edema that can typically arise as a result of having diabetes. Most diabetes complications will generally develop or build up over time, there are however some complications like hypoglycaemia (where the blood glucose levels become too low), and hypoglycaemia (where the body’s glucose levels become too high), which may come up suddenly and could also be life threatening too. In addition to this, there is also the risk of being involved in an accident, which may result in your inability to tell/inform the medics at the scene (in case you lose consciousness) about your medical condition. Hence wearing an ID bracelet that can provide some indications that you are diabetic may save your life.

Although each diabetic individual will generally need to lower his/her body’s blood glucose levels, sugar levels that are too low however are very risky. The diabetics that are more at risk of developing hypoglycaemia are those who generally take insulin injections or some form of medication for lowering their blood sugar. Accidentally overdosing on insulin or such medications may cause the level of the insulin in the body to become too high, thereby lowering its blood sugar. This condition is usually accompanied with different types of symptoms like dizziness, tremor, headache, sweating, confusion etc. If you are alone when you experience this, those that may be around you may not associate such symptoms with your diabetic condition if they are not aware that you have it, this can increase your risk of going into a diabetic coma. If you are however wearing an ID bracelet (that says you are diabetic), you are most likely to get the right type of treatment that you need before your condition worsen.

The fact that you can manage your diabetic condition without using any medication does not really mean you should not use an ID bracelet. While you are not likely to develop/get hypoglycaemia, you may however develop hyperglycaemia. Although hyperglycaemia may not build up as quickly as hypoglycaemia, its (that is, hyperglycaemia) symptoms are however not specific too. You may wear a bracelet ID in case you develop hyperglycaemia, in order to get the right type of treatment when you are involved in an accident and you are unconscious.

It is quite obvious that an ID bracelet can be handy, however it cannot serve its purpose if it is hidden away at home. It is important that the bracelet is visible and/or easy to find by emergency medical teams/personnel. The bracelet should indicate that you are diabetic, and should have your doctor’s telephone number and name. It should include the type of doses, insulin/medications that you generally take too. You should wear your ID bracelet (diabetes) at all times since you cannot predict when it would be useful.  Also, don’t forget to wear extra wide diabetic socks to protect your sore feet from scrapes and irritations.

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