Are Black Socks Bad for Diabetics?

In the medical community, some question whether diabetics can wear black socks. Those against it say sock dyes can irritate your skin. Also, diabetics won’t be able to spot foot injuries. So are black socks bad for diabetics? No, diabetics can wear black socks. Learn why this is the case. Can Diabetics Wear Black Socks? … Read more

How are diabetic socks different than compression socks

Living with diabetes is no simple task, especially your feet. They are a common target. Therefore, you need proper footwear to prevent any foot complications. Often times, people reach for diabetic sock for men and women. These are special socks that improve blood flow, stop excess moisture, and prevent foot injuries. Spun with high quality … Read more

The Definitive Guide to Diabetic Socks

What are Diabetic Socks? People with diabetes wear diabetic socks because they have help with diabetic foot problems. Common issues include damaged blood vessels, foot ulcers, and diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic socks offer extra support, increases blow flow, comfort, and protection over regular socks. This special support is often required because people with diabetes tend to … Read more