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How to Look After Diabetic Feet: 9 Easy and Essential Tips

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For diabetes patients, foot problems are common complications. The disease causes damage to nerves, leading to decreased blood flow to your feet. This can mean chronic pain, worsening conditions, and major surgery, including amputation.  Thankfully, there are easy ways to take care of diabetic feet and keep them as healthy as possible. The goal is prevention as well as early detection.  1. Wear Diabetic Socks If you have diabetes, it’s a good idea to wear Read More »

How to Soothe Sore Feet from Standing All Day

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Anyone who spends a considerable amount of time on their feet throughout the day will know the tired, aching, and sometimes burning feeling that one can associate with muscle fatigue, stress, and tension due to what we physically put ourselves through each day. For example, nurses, service industry staff, and athletes all have one thing in common: once they get home, the first thing they think about is their sore feet and for good reason. Read More »

Keeping Your Diabetic Feet Fit for Travel

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Traveling to an exotic destination is always exciting.  However, are you prepared to do a lot of walking?  For diabetics, this can be a difficult question to answer. People who have dealt with diabetes for a number of years may have foot complications.  Even if it is not major such as mild nerve damage or extra calluses, the problems can make walking more painful than it has to be. People suffering from diabetes usually have Read More »