10 Ways to Recycle Socks

Socks types come in various lengths, colors, and sizes. They are an after thought for most people.  We buy and wear them.  They get old and we throw them away.  When was the last time, you cleaned out your sock drawer?  I’m sure there are quite a few pairs that are ragged, discolored, or have holes.  While it is easy to simply throw them away, there is a better choice.  With all the waste in this world, why not recycle them?  Old socks can have many uses that would be helpful to all of us.

1) Use Socks as Dust Rags

dust-rag-sockOld socks make great dust rags and the soft cotton socks are ideal for polishing fine wooden furnishings. Put the worn out sock over your hand, apply a light layer of furniture polish to the sock and dust the wood. When one side of the sock gets dirty just turn the sock inside out and polish using the other side.

2) Recycle Socks to make a Good Heat Pack

heat-packI have to visit a massage therapist and my therapist has given me lots of useful advice. She taught me how to use an old diabetic knee socks to soothe tight, sore muscles. Fill a knee-high sock with inexpensive white rice and tie the top of the sock into a knot. Put the sock full of rice into the microwave and heat it for between two and four minutes. Take the hot sock out of the microwave and lay it on your aching muscles. Reheat the rice-filled sock when it cools down.

3) Turn an Old Sock into a Hand Puppet

sockpuppetIt is easy to recycle diabetic low cut socks into hand-puppets that the children can enjoy playing with. If you want to make a sock-puppet you will need an old sock, some pieces of yarn, some fabric glue, some colored permanent markers, bits of felt and a couple of plastic eyes. Give your kids the worn out sock and let them transform it into a funny hand-puppet. Kids love decorating hand-puppets and they can give the puppet a funny face.

4) Make a Dog Toy from an Old Sock

dog-toyIf you have a dog you may have bought him a dog-pull toy. Most dogs enjoy playing tug-of-war and an old knee-high sock can easily be turned into the perfect pet toy. Tie a couple of knots into the long sock and let your dog pull, he will have endless fun playing tug-of-war with the kids.

5) Use Old Socks as Rope

socks-as-ropeLast year I was looking for something to use to tie my tomato plants to their support posts. You shouldn’t use rope because it doesn’t give as the stems grow but recycled socks were ideal for the job. Cut a couple of long socks into thin strips and use the strips of fabric to tie the plant stems to the posts.

6) Use Old Socks as Moth Ball Bags

socks-filled-with-mothballsLots of us put mothballs in the attic to keep pests, Asian beetles, bats and mice away. But we don’t want to fill the attic with loose moth balls. Put some mothballs into an old sock and tie the ends together to hold the mothballs firmly inside. Place the bags of mothballs in the attic area. A unique way to recycle socks!

7) Old Socks Make Good Leg-Warmers

legwarmersYou can recycle socks in many ways and old fuzzy, warm knee socks can be transformed into great knee-warmers. Cut the feet off and slide the uppers of the socks over your legs to keep them warm and cozy.

8) Recycle Socks – Turn them into Feet and Hand Softeners

Old-SocksDo you have rough feet and dry chapped hands? Take note of this easy way of making your skin feel soft and smooth again. Rub a large blob of dry skin lotion onto your hands and feet. Vaseline is great for really dry skin. Put some old socks on your feet and hands before you get into bed. The socks will stop the greasy lotion from staining the bed sheets and the lotion will heal the dry, chapped skin. Remove the socks from your hands and feet when you wake up and you will instantly notice that your skin feels supple and soft.

9) Recycle Socks to Make a Knot Ball for Sciatica

knot-ballThe massage therapists tell people who suffer from Sciatica to make knot balls out of old socks. The knotted sock ball will help to take away the pain. (Sciatic pain usually runs down the back of the leg and the cramp-like pain can last for weeks). Take an old knee sock and tie a large knot into the sock. The knot should be about the same size as a tennis ball. Lay flat on your back and place the knot in the sock under your leg where it is painful. Roll backwards and forwards on the knot so that the recycled sock apples pressure to the painful area. Keep going until the pain eases, this tip works really well.

10) Make Dolls Clothes from Used Socks

doll-socksHave you got a niece, a neighbor, a daughter or a granddaughter who loves dressing dolls? Recycle socks to make great dolls clothes. Cut the toe out of the sock and slit the sock from the middle to the end. The dolls head will slide into this opening. Cut a small hole at either side of the sock to create two armholes and slide the dolls dress over dolly’s head. Hey Presto! The doll has a brand new outfit.