Best Diabetic Socks for Men and Women

Our doctor approved best rated diabetic socks offers extra comfort to diabetics or anyone experiencing swollen feet. Our loose tops do not bind nor do they leave indentation marks on your foot, which allows for improved foot circulation. The sole cushioning gives extra comfort and protection where you need it most. Each package includes 12 pairs of socks for diabetics.  Proudly made in the USA.

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Men's White Diabetic Crew Socks - 12 Pairs
Diabetic socks are ideal for people that have diabetes, neuropathy, edema, poor circulation, or any ..
$58.00 $28.97
Men's Large White Diabetic Crew Socks - 12 Pairs
Our large size white diabetic socks are specially made for men with diabetes, neuropathy, edema, poo..
$60.00 $29.97
Men's Black Diabetic Crew Socks - 12 Pairs
People with diabetes often suffer from poor circulation, swollen ankles and legs, and sensitive feet..
$58.00 $28.97
Men's White Diabetic Ankle Socks - 12 Pairs
Diabetic quarter socks for men are made to promote healthy legs and feet, especially those that have..
$58.00 $28.97
Women's White Diabetic Crew Socks - 12 Pairs
These diabetic socks for women are made especially for people with diabetes, arthritis, edema, neuro..
$58.00 $28.97
Women's White Diabetic Ankle Socks - 12 Pairs
Our women's white socks for diabetics are designed to promote healthy feet and legs, especially for ..
$58.00 $28.97
Women's Assorted Diabetic Ankle Socks - White, Black, Navy, Grey - 12 Pairs
These diabetic ankle socks are loose and non-binding for sensitive legs and ankles.  The wide t..
$62.00 $30.97
Women's White Diabetic Knee Socks - 12 Pairs
Now available in over the calf length, these socks for diabetics reaches right below your knees and ..
$66.00 $32.97

What Are Diabetic Socks?

For those with diabetes, there are several types of socks available. Essentially, their purpose is to promote circulation, protect the feet from trauma, and prevent infections. Choosing the right socks depend on the pair that best suits your condition.

Here are the 8 most important features of diabetic socks:

  1. Relaxed tops : Non-binding sock tops allow blood to circulate freely without constriction.
  2. Flat seams : Smooth seams do not irritate or put extra pressure on the skin around the toes.  
  3. Moisture control : A blend of fibers is used to keep the feet dry and prevent foot infections if there is an open wound.
  4. Ventilation : Lightweight design allows air to flow through to minimize sweating.
  5. Insulation : Diabetes can impair blood flow by damaging blood vessels to the feet. Fibers that warm the feet will help increase circulation to the legs.
  6. Wide toe box : A broader toe area prevents moisture and uncomfortable compression on the toes.
  7. Proper fit : A well-formed heel and toe along with a close fit will prevent blisters from loose fabric that abrades the skin.
  8. Cushioned soles : Extra layer of cushion on the bottom adds comfort and protects the sole from injuries.


Diabetics have a much higher blood sugar level than that of normal people.  These levels make a diabetic person more likely to develop leg or feet problems at some point in their life.  This can be due to restricted blood supply to the feet and legs which starves the muscles of oxygen needed to maintain good health.  A diabetic’s feet are very sensitive so the slightest pressure can cause the feet to blister or be wounded.  As such, it is important for a diabetic to protect their feet and legs from possible injuries. Otherwise, they can end up with major complications, including the need to have a limb amputated.  The best diabetic socks can be beneficial because they can protect and are comfortable as their materials are made of stretchable, breathable fabric, and the toes have minimal seams to prevent irritation.  These diabetic relief socks typically feature moisture control and serve as an affordable way for a diabetic to keep their feet and legs healthy.

Diabetics know their feet are different from those of others and they need non-binding socks that are not restrictive but still allow for adequate support.  This ensures their feet will receive enough circulation and help them to stay healthy.  Socks for diabetics tend to have moisture control meaning the fabrics can breathe which can prevent complications that arise from bacteria or fungus. These socks need to keep feet dry, provide comfort, and give a supportive fit. These special socks are made with minimal toe seams and with padding on the soles to help prevent injury or irritation.

For diabetics, it is common to have poor circulation in the lower limbs due to the elevated blood sugar levels and this can end up causing a variety of health issues.  One such problem for diabetics is that wounds do not heal as quickly or as well as they would for a non-diabetic.  Others find that they lose sensation in various parts of their lower extremities. By improving circulation, blood and other nutrients can be delivered to all areas of the body to keep them healthy. Using the best diabetic socks for ladies and men can aid in faster healing when injuries to the feet occur or avoid injury in the first place as these socks will not wrinkle or put pressure on the legs.  These socks are designed to stay up without leaving marks or binding the legs.  As a result, this takes away excessive pressure which prevents friction and keeps blisters and sores from developing.

Another advantage to wearing the best socks for diabetics is that they are made from breathable, hypoallergenic materials that are designed to keep out moisture.  This is important as moisture provides a breeding ground for fungus and bacteria which a diabetic person wants to avoid. Due to the poor blood supply, small wounds can cause a lot of problems if they do not heal properly. They can end up becoming gangrenous which affects the skin and the muscles and can spread to the legs and feet.  If this is left untreated, a small wound could lead to a possible scenario where a limb needs to be amputated.

Not only can moisture be caused by socks but moisture in shoes can cause friction which promotes bacteria growth and ultimately cause sores.  Socks for diabetics can help by preventing perspiration and then wicking away any moisture as well as allowing the feet to breathe.  Not only does this help to reduce bacteria, but it can assist with any odor issues and discomfort.

No one has to sacrifice style for the sake of either comfort or protection, our diabetic socks are as fashionable as they are comfortable. Wear our knee high diabetic socks if you want something that goes further up your leg or stick to the short diabetic ankle socks if you want something that does not give a lot of coverage.  One of the most popular styles is the diabetic crew socks for those who want calf support or just prefer a higher sock.  Another popular style is the low cut sock which gives the same protection but in a shorter sock. Black diabetic socks are great for any formal occasion as dress socks. All of our socks are available in various sizes and colors. You will love the stylish design and added comfort and protection of our products.

Even if you are not diabetic, but you find that you have issues with your circulation, you may want to consider looking at diabetic medical socks.  They will help you feel more comfortable as well as provide you with many other benefits such as odor control, moisture wicking, and more comfort in general.  If you find that your socks tend to rub where the seams are, diabetic medical socks can be a good option as they are designed to have minimal rubbing due to the flat toe seams.

To keep your socks in the best condition, it is a good idea to wash them inside out to keep them looking their best.  Use a mild detergent and put it on a gentle cycle or consider washing by hand.  If you are going to put them in the dryer, put it on low or better yet hang dry to prevent them from shrinking.  Bleach should not be used on your socks and it is highly recommended to wash the dark colors separate from the lights ones.