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The most common foot issues associated with diabetics are neuropathy, poor circulation, and sensitive/painful feet.  Neuropathy is a condition in which nerve damage is present.  It can affect movement and the sensation to feel.  In addition, other problems include sensitivity or pain in the legs.  A lot of times, foot injuries will go unnoticed because of this.  Besides damaged nerves, poor circulation is quite prevalent due to diabetes causing blood vessels to narrow and harden.  As a result of poor blood flow, your foot cannot fight infections as well or heal as fast.  When left untreated, health risks including serious complications such as infection and even amputation can occur. We understand how serious and detrimental foot complications from diabetes can be.  That is why it is very important to take extra good care of our feet.  We offer affordable and quality diabetic socks to help people with diabetes find comfort, relief, and protection for their feet.

We sell doctor approved socks for diabetics by the dozen for men and women at wholesale prices.  For men, we offer a regular size that fits shoe size 10 to 13 and a extra large size that accommodates shoe size 13 to 15 as well as a women's size that fits shoe size 5 to 10.  The colors available include white, black, gray, navy blue, brown, tan, and pink.  We have a diverse range of styles to fit your needs including crew, ankle, knee high, and low cut length.  Our products are perfect for diabetics, people with foot conditions, or anyone that wants improved circulation in their legs. 


Experience the Comfort and Leg Health Benefits of Our Products:

  1. Improved Leg Circulation – Our circulation hosiery feature special loose non-binding fit tops that has enough elasticity to stretch out a lot wider than normal ones do.  Wide tops doesn't constrict and actually reduces pressure on the legs.  That really helps to promote blood flow in your legs and is a lot more comfortable. 
  2. Reduce Friction - Those with diabetes have sensitive feet from neuropathy.  Nerve damage causes the skin on the feet and toes to change for the worse. The special blend of cotton and nylon material we use is soft to help protect your feet from cuts and also minimizes abrading against your shoes.
  3. Control Moisture – Our product is made from a unique fiber blend soft yet it maximizes moisture absorption and wicks away sweat faster.  Keeping your feet clean and dry helps to reduce the risk of infection and can prevent foot ulcers.
  4. Added Comfort and Protection – Our products feature extra padding on the soles for protecting your feet against cuts and abrasion while offering more support.  With sensitive feet, extra cushioning on the bottom always helps to provide more comfort in every step taken.
  5. Big Discount and Well Made – It is more labor intensive, but we source high quality materials and take great care in manufacturing our socks down to every detail.  Since we sell by the dozen, we are able to offer really cheap diabetic socks compared to what customers can find in stores. 


Taking Proper Care of Your Legs and Feet

Did you know that taking care of one's feet can significantly reduce the big health risks from diabetic foot complications?  Many diabetics do not realize that they are putting their life in danger whenever they have a foot ulcer.  This type of foot ailment is an open sore that can vary from being small and shallow to really deep.  At the extremes, bad foot ulcers can go deep into your bones and foot muscles and can cause serious infections if not treated correctly.  Serious infections can lead to amputation or worse yet it can take your life.  That is why anyone that has diabetes with damaged nerves from neuropathy should check their feet on a regular basis.  Without the sense of feeling in the feet, neuropathy can hide deeper issues such as cuts, sores, and infections.

The best way to prevent foot complications is to take proactive preventative measures and that includes wearing socks for diabetics.  It is recommended by podiatrists that diabetics with neuropathy wear white colored ones so they can quickly identify any indications of cuts or infections where there is no sensation.  Another smart idea is to look at one's feet once per day to identify any problematic symptoms that include bleeding, cuts, sores, abrasions, cracked skin, blisters, bruises, or swelling.  In addition, it is vital to keep them clean and dry to help prevent infections from developing in the first place.  Lastly, it is a good idea to avoid walking around barefooted to prevent any injuries to the feet.


Wearing Diabetic Socks Can Benefit Anyone

While these non restrictive socks are made especially for diabetics, anyone with other foot complications can experience leg health benefits from wearing these hosiery.  Our product is well suited for those with foot pain, arthritis, edema, and deep vein thrombosis.  Using our special footwear every day can help protect and promote feet health and offer more comfort.

Anyone with circulatory problems in their legs and feet can also gain from wearing our products since its main benefit is reducing the pressure on your legs and thus improving circulation with the loose fitting tops.  Wearing normal ones can exacerbate circulation issues if the feet and ankles are already swollen from poor blood flow.  Traditional hosiery typically constrict and leave marks on your legs.

Even among people with no foot problems, socks for diabetes is gaining more traction.  Our footwear is naturally more comfortable than regular ones and are made better.  They have soft materials and are loose enough not to restrict your circulation, but offers enough support so that they do not fall down the legs.  They are so comfortable that many people do not even feel wearing them.  They are also versatile enough to wear at the gym and the dark color ones as dress socks.